Thermostat | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

Thermostat | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

The thermostatis an often-overlooked component of a home’s heating and air conditioning system. It can be considered the guidance systemfor your home’s heating and cooling,as the thermostat is responsible for when the heating or air conditioning unit operates. Thermostats can experience wearlike anything else, and may stop working completely. When this occurs, ittypically requires replacement to enable the HVAC system to get back up and running. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning can provide the airconditioning repair in Plano, TX you need.

Signs that it may be time to replace a thermostatinclude the system running too long, taking too long to cut on, or a system notrunning at all. You may not need heating or air conditioning repair inPlano, TX after all; you may need a new thermostat.


Almost everyone is familiar with thelittle round or rectangular thermostats that utilize sliders or dials. Fortheir time these were the only option available, but with today’s technologythey are outdated and often inaccurate.


Upgrading to a basic digitalthermostat will improve the system’s performance and efficiency, saving youmoney on the cost of energy. To save even more, a programmable thermostat willoffer greater control, and enables you to access a greater variety of features,including integrating it into home automation depending on the model.


Programmable thermostats, which include smartthermostats, provide the ability to control when the system runs formultiple daily settings. It frees you from remembering to adjust thetemperature when you leave home, return from home, and waiting for your home toreach a comfortable temperature. This thermostat will do it all for you, andmore. This feature can result in significant energy savings, while extendingthe lifespan of your home’s heating and air conditioning system. When athermostat operates properly, it eliminates unnecessary wear and tear, and theneed for increased heating and airconditioning repair in Plano, TX.


Whilefeatures and functions vary according to brand and model, examples include theability to work with humidification and dehumidification systems, filter changealerts, service reminders, and the ability to integrate into home automation toname a few. In addition, the WIFI capability of smart thermostats provides theability for remote changes. If you would like new thermostat installation, orneed other heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX, give ourNATE certified professionals a call.

Beforeselecting a thermostat, ensure it is compatible with the home’s heating and air conditioning. If youfeel uncertain, a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning technician can provide youwith assistance, ensuring you receive the right thermostat for your system andyour needs. The ideal thermostat is one that you are comfortable using, thatmaximizes energy savings and your comfort.

Upgradingyour home’s thermostat can increaseboth your comfort and energy savings. If you would like to learn more aboutCypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s heating and air conditioning service,give us a call.

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