Thermostats | Heating and Air Conditioning in Cypress, TX

Thermostats | Heating and Air Conditioning in Cypress, TX

Typesof Thermostats

Youhear a lot about programmable thermostats, and that is because they can do somuch more for you while reducing your energy use. However, there are a numberof other types of thermostats for you to select from. If you prefer a basic thermostatwithout all of the features available in programmable thermostats, there is onesure to suit your needs. The following provides an overview of the differenttypes of thermostats. Once you choose one right for your home, contactCypress Heating and Air Conditioning for questions and/or installation. We willbe glad to provide the heating and air conditioning services yourequire. First up let’s look at the original mechanical thermostat.


Mechanicalthermostats are not programmable, and number of them use mercury bulb contact.Mercury is highly toxic and requires special care in its handling, care similarto the old mercury thermometers used in the health care field before digitalthermometers were available. Other mechanical thermometers use a calibratedmagnetic strip and a metal spring. Many of this type can be calibrated,although it requires an experienced HVAC technician to do so. Mechanicalthermostats are no longer in high demand, but are available in a wide variety.

DigitalNon-Programmable Thermostats

Thenon-programmable digital thermostat is simple to use without all thetechnology of programmable thermostats. They are available with an LED display and are easier for those withvision problems to see. They display the room temperature and set temperature.In addition, many offer a push button light for night viewing. They alsoprovide a temperature up and down button and a on and off switch with theability to run the fan only if you choose. They typically are accurate andeffective without the fuss of the programmable thermostat.


Programmable thermostats models vary widely in the features theyprovide. They can provide you with the basics, such as programming atemperature for morning and evening, others offers a wide range of features andfunctions. Some are difficult to program while others have the ability toprompt you through programming. Programmablethermostats are an increasingly popular choice for saving energy in the homestop energy consumer – the heating and air conditioning system.

Wireless Thermostats

Wireless thermostats allow you to access the heatingand air conditioning system when you are away from home. The wirelessfeature enables you to save even more money. For example, if you work late, thewireless feature enables you to access the HVAC system through your smart phoneor tablet, and change the scheduled time for a change in temperature.

Touchscreen Thermostats and Wireless Remote

The touchscreen thermostateliminates the need for buttons and provides a clean sleek thermostat. Inaddition, it provides the features of the model at your fingertips. While youhave the option to select older technology for a thermostat, the programmablewith touch screen technology is increasingly popular for its ability to saveenergy and money. If you have ever forgotten to adjust a thermostat beforeleaving home or going to bed, you can appreciate the ability to program thethermostat according to your schedule. Consequently, the programmablethermostat saves energy while you are away. The average U.S. home can save upto 20% on the cost of energy with the installation of a programmablethermostat.

Furthermore, if familymembers arrive home early, with wireless remote you can change the settingswithout ever leaving work – or the thermostat can be changed by the arrivingfamily member at home. Some wireless thermostats can send you a message thatthe temperature has been changed, alerting you to the action. Wirelessthermostats are the new generation of convenience, and in addition to remoteaccess, some models can be integrated with security systems, control lights andoffer other features for more than just the heating and air conditioning system.

In addition to the featurespreviously mentioned, other favorites include alerts to change the air filteror call your HVAC technician for service, and even when repair of the heatingand air conditioning system is required.

Eventually,any thermostat will require replacement. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning can provide thermostat repair, replacement, installation and a wide range ofother heating and airconditioning services. In addition, our NATE certified technicians offerthe highest standards of service and emergencyHVAC service 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week for your convenience.


ContactCypress Heating and Air Conditioning for additional information regarding thermostatsor to schedule professional HVAC services. Our technicians willprovide the industry expertise you can rely on for your home or business heatingand air conditioning system. We serve Katy, Plano and the surroundingareas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Your satisfaction isguaranteed.