Things to Do Before Getting Air Conditioning Repair in Katy

Troubleshooting | Air Conditioning Repair, Katy, TX

Air conditioning makes our lives so much more comfortable, and it is almost unthinkable to imagine our lives without it. It not only provides a comfortable environment, but reduces humidity and helps to clean the air in homes and businesses. Higher humidity makes it feel hotter, it also makes it harder for those with heart and respiratory problems to breathe. For these and other seriously ill persons, air conditioning can mean the difference between life and death. When it breaks down, the need for air conditioning repair in Katy for these persons becomes a potentially life threatening emergency. With the climate warming and temperatures often reaching dangerous levels in many areas, repair isn’t an option, but a necessity for any of us.

Before calling a technician for repair there are a few things you should try:

  • First, make sure your thermostat is set in the COOL position and that the temperature is set lower than the inside temperature readout. If the inside temperature is less than the set temperature the air conditioner will not cut on to cool. Next, check the fan switch to ensure it is on AUTO. If the fan is set to ON, turn it back to AUTO. The ON function causes the fan to run whether or not the compressor is pumping cool air at the time. Being set to ON rather than AUTO may explain why the ac is blowing warm air part of the time. With the fan on auto, and the thermostat on cool try turning the temperature down.
  • Next, check your air registers and make sure they are all open. Never block registers or the air return. Keep the area around them clear.
  • Check to ensure that your air conditioner is receiving power. Open the inside electrical panel; all circuit breakers should be in the ON position. Your air conditioner breaker panel should be labeled, you can flip it to off and then back on to ensure the breaker is on.
  • If your air conditioner still isn’t operating check the exterior central air conditioning unit. There will be a disconnect switch typically located near the unit in a grey box mounted nearby. This switch is a common cause of a central unit to shut off. If you are uncertain of the proper switch, don’t hesitate to call Cypress’s certified HVAC technicians when you need air conditioning repair in Katy.

Common Issues Requiring an Air Conditioning Technician

  • If your air conditioning unit is low of refrigerant you will find your ac blowing warm air. The coil and other components freeze over and if the coils are inside the home you will see what looks like frost on them. This is a sign your unit has a leak and has lost coolant. This will require a technician for air conditioning repair in Katy to repair the leak and recharge the unit with refrigerant. Furthermore, a leak not repaired can result in the failure of the compressor, a very expensive component to replace. Some leaks are easy to locate as those at loose fittings, otherwise the technician may have to provide leak detection services to locate the leak and provide air conditioning repair in Katy.
  • An additional common issue that will require air conditioning repair in Katy is the primary motor starter which contains contacts much like the points in an automobiles ignition. Over time they will wear out and fail. One sign of a potential problem related to this common problem is when the compressor won’t shut off. If this occurs you will need to flip to AC breaker to off in the homes main service panel to prevent the compressor from burning out.
  • The worst thing that can happen to your air conditioner is for the compressor to burn out. Compressor failure can occur due to age, failure of another component causing damage, or even lightning can damage it along with other factors. A compressor is a major expense, and can be over $2,000 for the compressor alone, plus the other costs to provide air conditioning repair in Katy.
  • Most new system connections are now welded to prevent leaks from occurring. Older systems, especially before 2006 were connected with fittings that can vibrate loose with leaks resulting. When a refrigerant leak occurs it must be repaired, otherwise the leak will continue and cooling will once again fail.

These issues are but a few of the most common, and having your air conditioning system inspected, cleaned and tuned up each spring can catch these problems early. This translates to your avoiding a breakdown in 98 degree temperatures and 90 % humidity. It is a wise investment as it prevents repeated service calls for components that go out.

If lightning has caused damage to your air conditioning contact your homeowners insurance to file a claim as it is likely to be covered to some degree if not completely.

If these tips fail to restore air conditioning operation call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s dedicated technicians for air conditioning repair in Katy. Keep in mind routine tune-ups and inspections along with changing the filter are the best action you can take towards preventing breakdowns.

We offer tune-ups, maintenance and repairs to keep your air conditioning system at peak performance, and provide emergency service for your convenience 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Cypress’s certified professionals are always there for you when you require air conditioning repair in Katy.