Things You Must Check Time and Again to Keep Your HVAC System in Good Shape | Heating and AC in Katy, TX

Things You Must Check Time and Again to Keep Your HVAC System in Good Shape | Heating and AC in Katy, TX

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Regardless of what season of the year it is, you must ensure that your house has perfect arrangements for heating and AC in Katy, TX to live comfortably.

During summers, your HVAC system will maintain a cool temperature across the house to keep it comfortable for you and your family. It will do so by keeping warm air outside and restricting it from intruding in addition to cooling the amount of air needed to fulfill your demand and sending it inside.

Likewise, in the winter season, your heating and AC system in Katy, TX will restrict chilly weather from affecting your indoor temperature and send warm air inside to keep the house cozy and comfy.

Most homeowners agree that it is more difficult to survive summer without a functional or an optimally-performing HVAC system than in winter season. The reason behind is that you can still keep yourself from the cold in winter by wearing multiple layers of clothes while you don’t have any such choice in summer.

Now when summer is reaching its peak, it is even more important for you to ensure your HVAC system is intact and problem-free in order to be able to survive the scorching days.

But how may you do so?

Simply by checking your heating and AC system in Katy, TX for certain problems and problematic components that are likely to wear out over time.

Here is a complete checklist of things you should check your HVAC system for.

The Ultimate Checklist for Your HVAC System


1.  Condition of the Filter

The filter might seem like a small, useless component of your heating and AC system in Katy, TX but the work that it does is phenomenal. Truth be told, it is the filter that allows smooth passage of air through air conditioning units in homes and other structures.

Therefore, you should inspect the filter of your HVAC unit every season if not every month i.e. after every 3 months or so. Things that you need to check it for include filth, debris, and signs of wearing out or aging.

If your filter is swathed in dust and debris, go on a cleaning spree and clean it up thoroughly. But if it looks rotten or damaged, it’s time to go for a replacement regardless of how new it might be.

Research shows that out of 10 emergencies or problems that the professionals for heating and AC service in Katy, TX, get called for, 9 are related to the filters. If you haven’t checked your HVAC system’s filter lately and your HVAC system is showing signs of a problem, it’s about time you do it!

2.  Exposure to Heat and External Elements

Your heating and AC system’s external unit is likely to be affected by heat and other external elements and cause problems because of that. The first and foremost thing to ensure here is that the outer unit isn’t installed at a spot that gets direct sunlight. If there’s no other option, you can get it covered with appropriate sheets to save it from direct sunlight. A failure to do this will cause the system to struggle to cool your house and ultimately HVAC issues because of all the hard work you put the system through.

When it is about air conditioner installation in Katy, TX, it is best you only hire qualified professionals. They have in-depth knowledge of such jobs which enables them to get things done quickly but correctly.

3.  Signs of Power Failure

The professionals for heating and AC service in Katy, TX can confirm that homeowners often call them to report their HVAC systems breaking down when the real problem is nothing but an absence of power. You may find it funny or hard to believe but it’s true. This absence of power is usually due to different reasons.

So, save your time, money, and efforts and confirm it isn’t a power failure that isn’t letting your system to start before you call the technicians.

4.  A Blocked Compressor

The external compressor of your HVAC unit needs proper space to be able to perform optimally. Therefore, you must ensure there is a distance of at least 2 to 3 feet between the compressor and every other thing around it.

One thing that is most likely to block the compressor is tall branches or trees in the yard. If you see any such problem, call a reliable heating and AC service in Katy, TX to reposition your compressor.

5.  Thermostat Setting

The thermostat is the component of your heating and AC system in Katy, TX that maintains the overall indoor temperature based on how it is set. More often than not, it is the failure to set thermostat properly or forgetting to set it at all that leads to problems like undesired temperature, bad indoor air quality, etc.

However, it can also be a malfunctioning or faulty thermostat sometimes.

If you notice a drop in your indoor air quality and the overall performance of your HVAC system, try to set the thermostat. If the problem doesn’t resolve, it is about time you call a professional.

Annual Maintenance and Servicing

If all of the above is too much for you to remember and take care of, the good news is that there is a way you can stay worry-free. This can be done by scheduling regular maintenance and servicing with a reliable heating and ac service in Katy, TX.

The professionals will not only give your system a revamp and resolve existing issues after diagnosis but also look for potential problems and prevent them early on. And this is simply how regular maintenance keeps HVAC systems free of problems at all time and enables them to perform optimally until they finally age.


If you are already looking to schedule a maintenance appointment or facing an issue with your HVAC system, connect with the pros at Cypress Heating and Air now.