Types Of Motors An <strong>AC Repair Company</strong> Will Likely Use When Repairing AC Mechanical Issues | <strong>The Woodlands, TX</strong>

Types Of Motors An AC Repair Company Will Likely Use When Repairing AC Mechanical Issues | The Woodlands, TX

Home air conditioning systems use motors to move the fans that blow the air. However, the motors will break down at once, whether because of overheating, old age, or even lack of maintenance. Unfortunately, a motor failure could bring the entire air conditioning system to a grinding halt until an AC repair company takes a look and fixes it. Did you know that not all motors in an air conditioning system are the same? There are different types of AC motors, and each has its functionality to ensure that your The Woodlands, TX home is heated or cooled sufficiently. Below are the different types of motors likely to be found on your heating and cooling system.

Condenser Fan Motor

Outdoor condenser fan motors are designed to withstand exposure to the elements and are equipped with sealed ends and sides to prevent water from entering. These motors typically have one speed and are available in horsepower ranges from 1/6 hp to 1/3 hp. They always have a capacitor, which is usually a dual capacitor for the original motor and a single capacitor for replacement aftermarket motors. The original motor typically has three wires, while the aftermarket version usually has four.

The key thing that AC repair company technicians check when it comes to condenser fan motors is whether the capacitor is faulty. This problem tends to arise during the summer when temperatures are at their highest. If the motor is malfunctioning, it is important to measure the fan blade height to the finger guard before removing it. The proper placement of the blade is crucial for the condenser’s operation, even more so than its original placement on the motor shaft.

When looking for a replacement capacitor or condenser fan motor, the AC repair company technician considers the RPM, horsepower, voltage, and frame size. The blade should be able to fit into the motor. Never try forcing the blades onto the condenser motor, as that will result in damage. Whenever faced with a problem requiring a replacement, never try it yourself. Rather, enlist the expertise of an AC repair company in The Woodlands, TX to ensure that the right replacement parts are bought and properly installed.

Blower Motor

The blower motor is the other air-moving unit commonly found in AC systems. It resembles the condenser fan motor but has ventilation on its sides or ends to allow airflow. In addition to a capacitor, blower motors have more wires than condenser fan motors. The main cause of failure in blower motors is dirty air clogging the ventilation holes, leading to overheating. This is often a symptom of a deeper issue, as the air filter should prevent dirt from reaching the motor.

Sometimes a capacitor failure can cause the motor to rotate in the wrong direction, which may appear normal but results in inadequate airflow. This can cause the evaporator coil to freeze and the house to overheat, prompting you to call an AC repair company for further inspection. To replace a faulty blower motor, the AC repair company technician removes the blower housing to access the blower and the motor. They remove the plate where the wheels slide out from the housing. After replacing the blower, the professional firmly secures the blower wheel to prevent burning out the new motor.

ECM Motor

An ECM motor is a type of blower motor that comes equipped with an electronic control module on one end. These motors are unique and require special setup procedures, which may need to be carried out by a professional at a supply house. Some models come with program modules that can be used for self-installation, while others even allow for remote programming via a smartphone. However, it’s important to note that ECM motors can be quite costly, with prices reaching up to $1000. Therefore, it’s essential to obtain current pricing before providing a quote to a client. For HVAC technicians new to working with ECM motors, you must enlist an experienced AC repair company to avoid costly errors. With advanced and expensive equipment, it’s always best to err on caution.

Combustion Fan Motors

Gas furnaces contain a component known as a combustion fan motor. These motors are unique because they don’t have a capacitor but only two wires. Diagnosing an issue with a combustion fan motor is relatively easy. If the motor receives the correct voltage of 115V but is still not functioning, it likely needs to be replaced. Replacement units can usually be purchased from factory brand representatives. Due to the longevity of these motors, failures are rare. However, when they occur, an AC repair company in The Woodlands, TX should be able to replace it quickly.

Compressor Motors

The compressor motor is considered one of the most challenging and costly parts to replace in an air conditioning system. This motor is sealed within the compressor housing, making it difficult to determine if it has failed visually. The only components that can be tested are the three terminals protruding from it. These are two motors in one, with the starter and run motor connected at the common wire terminal. The start windings, small wires that provide a quick burst of power to start the motor, are only designed for the initial spark. However, if these windings have to work for more than a few seconds, they may burn out. The run capacitor, meanwhile, helps to prevent the start windings from overworking and ensures the entire motor runs correctly. You should have an experienced AC repair company perform the repairs or replacements.

Air conditioners have many mechanical parts. However, the motor is the primary part that enables these parts to run. If you notice that the fans aren’t running, do not try to repair them yourself. Rather, contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Our experienced technicians will carefully replace or repair the damaged motor, regardless of type.

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