Uneven Heating & Cooling | Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX

Have you ever walked into one room in your Katy, Texas home only to realize that it is around 10 or 15 degrees warmer in that room than the other one? What about reducing the thermostat to make it comfortable in one room but when you do so it makes it freezing in other? This is what we call uneven heating and cooling

There are multiple reasons why you may have a problem with your heating and cooling system conditioning the air unevenly in your home. It could be a problem with your vents, improperly sized unit, excessive shading on one part of the house in comparison to another, or even improper or inadequate insulation in other parts of the home compared to others. 
To help alleviate the problem with uneven heating and cooling in your Katy, Texas home there are multiple checks you can do and options you can consider. Below is a list and outline of each check and consideration that could help you. 
Zoned System – A zoned system takes advantage of multiple thermostats in different zones or rooms in a home. For example, the first and second floor of a home could be established as two different zones. Initial cost with the installation of a zoned system can be high, but it could help you recoup your costs in savings from your high energy bills further down the road. 
Air Ducts – Ductwork that has been improperly installed, old or other factors can lead to it leaking conditioned air. This will limit the pressurized airflow throughout the home and will lead to uneven temperatures. Your air ducts may be in hard to reach areas and you may require professional service in order to have this examined. Air ducts that are kinked, obstructed could also potentially be areas where conditioned air is leaking. If you suspect that your air ducts are leaking contact a professional to have them inspected. 
Vents Blocked – Is there a rug, curtains or other object blocking the air vent in an area in the home? If so, this could be the reasoning behind the uneven heating and cooling in a room or area in your house. In order to prevent uneven heating and cooling make sure that there are no objects blocking the vents or obstructing them. 
Doors & Windows – When air escapes your home, your heating and cooling system needs to work harder in order to condition the air around you. One area to look at is the doors and windows in your home. Check the weather stripping, replace caulking if needed, install draft guards under doors to help in minimizing the amount of conditioned air that is escaping. 
Regular Maintenance – Having your HVAC system professionally maintained is one way to prevent uneven heating and cooling in your Katy home. Also make sure that you are changing out the filters as suggested by the manufacturer. Scheduling regular routine maintenance once or twice a year with your local HVAC company will also help catch problems with your system before they become critical issues. 
Sizing – If the HVAC unit in your home was not properly sized, or if renovations and additions have been done since then, you may have an improperly sized system in your home. Contact your HVAC company to come assess your home and look at the unit to determine if the system meets the requirements for the size of your home. 
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