UV Light | Heating and Air Conditioning

UV Light | Heating and Air Conditioning

Mold, bacteria, spores, fungi, and othermicroorganisms are common airborne pollutants that can cause illness, andaggravate symptoms for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratoryillness in the indoor environment. For those with family members sufferingthese conditions, it requires a great deal of work to maintain an indoorenvironment as clean and contaminant free as possible. Following animmaculately clean home, utilizing a superior air filter becomes the first line of defense. Taking it a stepfurther and adding an extra layer of protection is possible with theinstallation of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, commonly called UV light. UV light can neutralize or destroyharmful microorganisms that circulate through the home’s heating and air conditioning system.

While a high-quality air filter can trap the majority of organicand inorganic pollutants, some microscopic particles can escape even the best air filters. UV light targets the microbes that manage to escape filtration. Itadds the extra layer of protection against threats to your health. This is why UV light systems are used in medicalfacilities and labs for their ability to kill bacteria and viruses, killing upto 99.9% of germs.

The installation of a UV germicidalirradiation system is close to the heatingand air conditioning system’s evaporator coil located indoors. Evaporatorcoils and drain pans provide a dark, damp environment where mold, bacteria, andmildew can thrive. UV systems applied in the area can neutralize the microbesbefore they can reach the indoor air. As an added benefit, it can also help thecoils to stay clean, maintaining a higher level of efficiency, improvedairflow, and saving you money on the cost of operating your air conditioning.  

UV light systems are effective at improving indoor air quality, and are beneficial whenused with the typical recommendations in a home with a family member sufferingrespiratory and allergy issues. Providing a clean home, routine air filterchanges, fresh air ventilation, and humidity control can greatly improve indoorair quality.

UV lights destroy germs by disruptingtheir DNA, rendering them unable to make you sick. They are exceptionallyeffective when combined with other filtration and air purification systems,especially when used in combination with HEPAair filters.

Do they Work?

UV lights in heating and air conditioning systems have been shown to beefficient in killing microbes with several studies, including research from theprestigious Duke University. In 2012, Duke University Researchers usedultraviolet radiation (UV-C) in 50 hospital rooms, eliminating drug-resistantbacteria by more than 97%., while in the control experiment, those roomslacking UV lights continued ti harbor mold.

In addition, in a commercial officebuilding with mold problems in the heatingand air conditioning system, mold levels were significantly reduced after 4months of UV operation.

Benefits of HVAC UV lights:

·      Controls mold and bacteria which thrive on the indoor coil

·      Reduce the incidence of colds and flu

·      Reduce odors

·      Remove VOCs

·      Are especially effective in areas with high humidity

·      Prevents algae growth in the condensate drain

·      Maintains a cleaner evaporator coil, improving cooling efficiency andreducing the cost of electricity

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