Variable Speed Air Conditioning Repair | Plano, TX

Variable Speed Air Conditioning Repair | Plano, TX

Variable Speed Motors | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

Today’s best air conditioners use 20% to 40% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners made just 10 years ago. Selecting an energy efficient air conditioner is only one part of the process of a new air conditioning installation. Proper sizing and the quality of installation are essential in determining air conditioner efficiency. An oversized unit will not adequately remove humidity, while an undersized unit will not be able to attain a comfortable temperature on the hottest days, and can result in premature wear, and the need for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

A variety of features are available for modern air conditioners today, and one that will greatly increase efficiency and comfort is a variable speed blower motor. The variable speed blower motor moves at the required speed as determined by sensors for precise control of conditioned air.

When you are in need of a new AC system, Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers HVAC systems with variable speed motors for new or replacement installations. Contact us for further information, or to schedule a consultation.

The Advantages of a Variable Speed Furnace

  • Air Quality: Variable-speed motors with humidistats allow you to control the humidity levels in your home. For optimal comfort, the relative humidity should be between 30 and 50 percent. The consistent airflow of these motors also improves air filtration for cleaner air.
  • Electrical Efficiency: Variable-speed motors consume less electricity than conventional motors, using about one-eighth of the electricity when operating at half speed compared to a conventional motor. Because of the reduced speed when needed, the variable speed motor can outlast a conventional motor, reducing the need for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.
  • Zoning: Variable speed motors and zoned systems complement each other in energy efficiency. Zoned systems enable you to control the temperature in different areas in the home independent of each other. When combined with a variable speed motor that adjusts its output to the speed required, comfort is achieved along with increased energy efficiency, and reduces wear and tear on the system and the consequent need for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

How Systems With Variable Speed Motors Work

A variable speed motor runs on a broad range of speeds providing precise control of conditioned airflow. When temperatures are extreme, the motor operates at a higher speed. Whereas, when temperatures are mild, the motor operates at a slower speed for an extended amount of time. Conventional fans run at one speed, consuming a consistently higher rate of electricity than a lower speed would.

Sensors automatically determine the amount of required airflow, saving energy when the variable speed motor operates at a lower speed. If you are interested in a variable speed motor, your existing system may be compatible. Our certified technicians provide HVAC installation, service, maintenance and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Unlike single, two or three speed fans which operate at a set speed for each fan speed, a variable speed motor operates from 0 RPM to full speed and anywhere in between. This enables the HVAC system to operate at the precise speed your home requires based on the current conditions.

HVAC systems remove heat and moisture from the air moving through them. When the air conditioning runs, a conventional single speed fan runs at the highest speed all of the time. This results in less moisture being removed from the air. A variable speed motor removes a higher amount of moisture from the air than conventional fans, by operating at a slower speed when the air compressor first kicks in, allowing the humidity to be more efficiently extracted from the air.

As air moves over the coils it is cooled, activating the fan speed to increase, delivering cold, and dehumidified air to your home. A variable speed fan motor will increase your comfort by providing dryer air, and will reduce wear upon the system by operating at a lower speed, resulting in the reduced need for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Humidity affects comfort by making the air temperature feel hotter than it actually is, and promotes the growth of mold and mildew. A variable speed fan motor prevents these issues by limiting the air flow until the moisture is removed from the air. The removed moisture drains out of the drain, rather than ending up in the duct system where mold can grow.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning carries and installs top rated innovative Carrier products, with a wide range of system options and features, including variable speed motors. Cypress’s certified and experienced HVAC technicians provide heating and air conditioning installation, service and maintenance, and heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX. In addition, Cypress’s professionals’ provide emergency services 24/7, providing you with heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX when you need it most.