Variable Speed Motors | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Variable Speed Motors | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Variable Speed Motors | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

When you hear the term “variable speed”, it is in reference to the fan motor inside the indoor air handler. The fan motor moves the heated or air conditioned air through the home’s ductwork. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers HVAC systems with variable speed motors. Furthermore, your existing system may be compatible with the motor. A convenient time to ask if your system is compatible, is during fall maintenance service or when you are scheduling heating or air conditioning repair in Katy

Unlike conventional single-speed fan motors, the variable speed motor is capable of operating in a broad range of speeds. Precise air control delivers the required amount of air when it is needed, in the amount required, and offers a number of advantages:

The Advantages of Variable Speed Technology

  • Humidity and Air Quality: Variable-speed motors with humidistats provide greater control over the humidity level in the home. The ideal relative humidity is between 30 and 50 percent, for optimal comfort, and improved air quality. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Variable-speed motors consume less energy than conventional motors. The variable speed fan motor uses approximately one-eighth the amount of electricity used for a conventional single-speed fan motor when it operates at half speed. As a result, the variable speed motor can outlast a conventional single-speed motor, reducing the incidence, and costs of heating and air conditioning repair in Katy.
  • Zoned Systems: Variable speed motors in zoned systems provide superior energy efficiency. For family members with different needs, personalized comfort is attainable. Working together, you receive increased energy efficiency, and a reduced need for air conditioning repair in Katy.   

How Variable Speed Systems Work

Sensors within the variable speed motor control the airflow based on the environmental factors detected. For example, when temperatures are extremely cold or hot, the motor will operate at a higher speed. Conventional single-speed fans run at one speed only, consuming a greater amount of energy than a fan operating at a lower speed would. The sensors ensure your home receives the required amount of airflow, saving energy and money when the variable speed motor operates at a lower speed. This process occurs automatically providing optimal comfort and increased energy efficiency. 

A variable speed motor is often confused with a two or three speed fan motor. However, they are not the same. The speed of each setting will not vary, but will remain the speed each setting dictates until changed to the other of the two speeds. A variable speed fan motor is capable of operating from 0 RPM to full speed, and anywhere in between. 

Your home’s heating and air conditioning system do more than simply heat or cool. The HVAC system also removes moisture from the air. In the air conditioning mode, a conventional fixed speed fan motor runs at the highest speed all of the time. This results in less removal of excess moisture from the air. A variable speed motor removes a greater amount of moisture than conventional fan motors. Because the variable speed fan operates at a slower speed when the air compressor starts up, humidity is more effectively extracted from the air. 

As the air conditioning coil cools the air moving across it, the blower speed increases and delivers cold, dehumidified air in your home, with approximately 50% humidity. Once the humidity and heat loads achieve a balance, the variable speed motor will reduce its speed. However, a conventional fan motor operates at high speed continuously, and is unable to remove sufficient humidity. Higher levels of humidity reduce your comfort, while the higher fan speed increases wear and tear on the HVAC system resulting in the increased incidence of heating and air conditioning repair in Katy.

With the fall season now upon us, schedule your preseason tune-up now and beat the rush before cold weather arrives. In addition, changing the air filter is the homeowner’s single best aid in preventing unnecessary wear and tear on the system, and the increased incidence of heating and air conditioning repair in Katy

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is an authorized dealer for top rated Carrier products, offering a wide range of systems and features, including energy saving variable speed motors. Our certified HVAC technicians offer quality services for heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance, and heating and air conditioning repair in Katy. In addition, when your system experiences a breakdown, we offer emergency services 24/7, so we can be there for you when you contact us for heating and air conditioning repair in Katy. We serve, Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.