What Happens When <strong>Heating And AC Repair</strong> Technicians Install Mismatched Condenser And Evaporator Coils | <strong>Katy, TX</strong>

What Happens When Heating And AC Repair Technicians Install Mismatched Condenser And Evaporator Coils | Katy, TX

Your HVAC system has several components that must work together to keep your home relaxed. If either of these components malfunctions, you may experience difficulties properly regulating your living space. One of the issues that could result in an HVAC system functioning inefficiently is when the unit has parts that aren’t meant for it or unmatching evaporator and condenser coils. You also could notice a significant increase in your Katy, TX, home’s cooling or heating energy utility bills. This is a sign that your unit has an underlying problem. Do you believe your heating and air conditioning system has an underlying issue? Immediately contact a heating and AC repair technician for a professional inspection and repair.

What Are Condenser and Evaporator Coils?

Evaporator Coils

This air conditioner component is responsible for removing heat from your home. The evaporator coils may be within the air handler or connected to a furnace. It facilitates the process of heat transfer together with condenser coils, creating conditioned air. It contains the coolant in the liquid form delivered to a metering device by the compressor. The refrigerant sucks up the heat from the air passing over the coils from the blower fan.

For the evaporator coils of your HVAC system to remain working efficiently, you must ensure that they are clean. Dirty coils may result in a considerable increase in energy use at your home. Additionally, it might strain your HVAC system, resulting in overheating, frozen coils, and, subsequently, the inefficient performance of your HVAC system. You’ll want to ensure that your heating and AC repair technician cleans the coils and that you regularly change or clean the air filters.

Condenser Coils

Like the evaporator coils, the condenser coils are also critical in the heat transfer process. It is responsible for moving the stale, warm air from the indoor space and exhausting it outside. The component has several tubes that are filled with refrigerant. Within the coils is a chiller that cools the coolant and brings it into the condenser tubing, where it evaporates into a gas.

A buildup of debris on the condenser fins is the leading reason for various problems in the coils. Leaves, twigs, grass clippings, bird nests, and other debris could prevent the condenser from dissipating heat outside. Unfortunately, this also can speed up the deterioration of components of the HVAC system. Heating and AC repair technicians recommend that you ensure the condenser is regularly inspected and maintained.

What Happens if the Evaporator and Condenser Coils Don’t Match?

This Could Void Your Warranty

Most manufacturers of heating and cooling systems have conditions that must be followed for warranties to remain in effect. For instance, they frequently require that property owners have heating and AC repair technicians perform routine equipment maintenance. Carefully read and assess the warranties before investing in a new HVAC system. The size of the condenser and evaporator coils must typically match the manufacturer’s specifications. If they don’t match, you run the risk of invalidating your warranty. Equipment failure and malfunction won’t take long if the coils have different diameters. A reputable heating and AC repair technician can help ensure you have installed the right system for your Katy, TX, home.

The Lifespan and Efficiency of Your HVAC System Will Take a Toll

Commercial and residential HVAC systems require some specific parts to work efficiently. Every component, including the soils, blowers, and wiring, must match suitably for your equipment to run efficiently. Mismatched components will only result in issues in the future, make the system fail shortly, and compromise your comfort. The lifespan and efficiency of your equipment will take a toll if the evaporator and condenser coils aren’t matching. The mismatched coils will make the HVAC system exert more effort to meet your preferred thermostat set temperatures. This is because one coil must work harder to match the other coil’s performance. The additional stress on the unit increases the chances of expensive heating and AC repairs and early equipment failure.

An Increase in Heating or Cooling Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy utility bills have suddenly increased after replacing the evaporator or condenser coils? The culprit may be mismatched coils. If the condenser and evaporator coils are of different sizes, the smaller coils will be able to keep up with the larger ones. Unfortunately, this will result in the entire system running longer and using more energy. Hence, enlist licensed, professional heating and AC repair technicians if you need to replace the coils, as they are unlikely to make a mistake.

It Will Compromise Your Indoor Comfort

If the evaporator and condenser coils don’t match, your home won’t cool, and humidity will rise. If the evaporator coil is bigger than the condenser coils, your Katy, TX, home will be cool but humid. If the evaporator coils are too large, your home will not be too humid and hard to cool. Indoor air conditioners have changed a lot recently. Newer models have better air handling and filtering and also lower noise levels. Hence, if you have an older, less efficient unit, you should have a heating and AC repair technician replace it with a newer, more advanced model.

You Might End Up Spending More

The evaporator and condenser coils in your HVAC system were most likely installed together. They should be similar as they most likely came from the same manufacturer. Additionally, they were subjected to wear and tear at the same time. Having a heating and AC repair technician install one means your unit will have a lower efficiency. As a result, you will spend more on cooling and heating costs.

Are you considering a condenser and evaporator coil replacement? You should install matching ones for more efficiency and reduce strain on either. Contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for a professional replacement. The quality of our AC services is unmatched. Call us now for a free consultation.

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