What Is Included In Air Conditioning Service? | The Woodlands, TX

What Is Included In Air Conditioning Service? | The Woodlands, TX

The summer months in The Woodlands, TX can be oppressive, with temperatures reaching the high 90s and humidity at full blast, there are only a few weeks of respite during the winter. Because of this, it is a given that residents will need to cool their homes in order to make life livable under such conditions.

For your home to remain cool throughout the hottest days of summer it is essential to provide proper air conditioning service to your unit. Doing so ensures your air conditioner rises up to the challenge like a champion. Otherwise, you may find yourself footing increasingly expensive electric bills and dealing with an air conditioner that doesn’t help much more than a regular window fan, which when the temperature outside starts getting close to 100 degrees, is little more than nothing.

At this point, you are probably wondering not only why maintenance is so important, but also what air conditioning service includes. After all, you change the dirty air filter periodically, and that should be enough, right? Unfortunately, no, it’s not enough, which is why you should read on to find out what to expect from routine air conditioning service designed to keep your unit working as it should, especially when temperatures start to soar.

The Inspection: Letting You Know When Something Is Wrong

One of the first things that happens when you call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is that you will be visited by a certified tech to perform an inspection on your HVAC unit. This inspection is probably the most important part of any air conditioning service program because it is like having an annual medical checkup. It is designed to verify that all the components of your AC are in good working order and to perform any preventative maintenance tasks that will avoid costly repairs if left unchecked.

As we mentioned above, maintenance does not only include changing your unit’s dirty air filter or cleaning the unit outdoors to keep it clear from debris that could create dangerous obstructions. Yes, these actions are part of the overall maintenance schedule, but so are safety checks and the inspection of other important parts of your system.

Leaving an inspection for later means that your air conditioning service tech won’t know if anything is malfunctioning in your system, which can pose a safety hazard. It also means that you might have to face costlier repairs later on. This is where the importance of proper maintenance resides. By keeping your unit in good working order you are saving yourself from a larger issue later on.

One of the biggest issues that can be found during an inspection is something homeowners don’t usually think of, and that’s pests. Rodents, such as squirrels and other cute animals can invade your air conditioning ducts and unit causing damage to electrical wires connected to your HVAC system. Power surges and temperature variations can wear out electrical components that could cause serious damage to your The Woodlands, TX home.

Additionally, one of the purposes of a regular inspection and maintenance schedule is to find and replace parts that are getting close to the end of their life. When this happens, it’s best to fix issues when they are small and before they turn into bigger problems that could hit your finances hard.

What Happens During Air Conditioning Service After the Inspection Is Finished?

During the service process, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air tech will take a look at a whole series of components, and apply corrective measures as needed. Some of the actions the tech will perform are the following:

  • Calibrate the unit’s thermostat
  • Check the condition of the entire system
  • Test the components of the blower
  • Check the air handler and all electrical connections
  • Verify the condition of the coils in the condenser and evaporator
  • Test the flow of air
  • Perform safety controls to ensure your system does not represent a danger to your The Woodlands, TX home
  • Measure the pressure of the refrigerant to check if it’s at an adequate level
  • Clean and purge the drip pan and the condensate drainage lines

Don’t forget to ask any questions you may have about your air conditioning service before it even begins and if they come up during the process. You are well within your right to ask anything about what the service includes and what you should expect. Once the tech has finished they will let you know what they discovered and talk to you about any repairs that may be needed, as well as offer suggestions that can increase and improve your system’s overall performance.

Are Repairs Included in the Service?

While air conditioning service includes a wide range of tasks, such as those mentioned above, repairs are usually considered to be an additional service. This is because in some cases new replacement parts will be needed to exchange for the old, worn-out ones. The main reason for AC maintenance service is to discover any issues before they become a costly problem, so, if any parts are in need of replacement and there are items that require repair, your tech will let you know before starting work on them. The main purpose of regular service is to detect potential issues that could give you grief in the short run. Doing this can allow you to prepare and budget for any repairs that could be required.

Providing Peace of Mind Through Prevention

Investing a little money in maintaining your air conditioner can ensure it works more efficiently while extending its useful life. This also means that you will not be caught off guard with unexpected breakdowns and repairs. If all of this isn’t enough of a reason to provide air conditioning service to your system twice a year, let me tell you that one of the biggest perks of all is that a properly maintained air conditioner will work more efficiently, which will, in turn, help you cut down your electric bill, saving you a nice chunk of change in the process. So, if your air conditioner maintenance has been limited to changing the air filter once in a while and keeping debris off your unit, give Mr. Reliable Heating & Air a call today!

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