Whole House Humidifier | Heating and Air Conditioning

Whole House Humidifier | Heating and Air Conditioning

Whole House Humidifier | Heating and Air Conditioning

There is more to comfort than just temperature. Relative humidityplays a role in your comfort as well. Installing a humidifier can help you tobe more comfortable in the winter, and less susceptible to illness. Lowerhumidity in the winter causes the nasal passages and skin to dry, leading torespiratory problems, bloody noses, sore throats, static electricity, and dermatitis.In fact, low humidity during the winter is one cause of respiratory infections,including the flu. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule theinstallation of a whole house humidifierin conjunction with the heating and airconditioning system, and improveyour winter comfort zone and your health.


Furthermore, relative humidity has a significant effect on controllingthe occurrence of airborne infections from bacteria and viruses among thehome’s occupants. This effect assists in less illness during the winter monthswhen illness is more likely.


Relative Humidity Defined

Relative humidity is a measurement of water vapor present in the air.Humidity tends to be higher in the summer when the combination of heat withincreased relative humidity makes us uncomfortable. The temperature feelshotter than it actually is, because the overly humid air prevents perspirationfrom evaporating efficiently.


During winter when the humidity is low, perspiration evaporates morequickly, leaving us feeling cooler than it actually is. In general, optimal humidity is 30-50 percent, andis best for our homes. In this range, there is less drying and cracking ofwood, and in this range you are less likely to see mold and mildew. By addinghumidity, you can lower the thermostat on your heating and air conditioning system, saving you money on energycosts.


Furthermore, the humidifier will help to control static electricity.Discharges of it from your body can damage sensitive electronics over time.


How it Works

A whole house humidifierdirectly connects to your home’s water supply ensuring it uses fresh water. Ahumidistat measures the humidity level in your home assuring the ideal level ismaintained at all times.


Whole House Humidifier vs. Stand Alone Humidifier

A whole househumidifier, automatically measures the humidity level, providing moisture whenneeded, and shutting off when it is not.

A whole househumidifier eliminates the need for multiple portable units, and supplieshumidity to the entire home by drawing water directly from your home’s watersupply. The disadvantage of a portable humidifier is its effectiveness is onlyin a limited area, and the inability to control the humidity level. Inaddition, the whole house humidifier offers the convenience of not requiring dailycare and refilling. However, it will need occasional cleaning and descaling inareas with hard water.

Furthermore, awhole house humidifier can be installed in conjunction with a heating and air conditioning system thatutilizes a variable speed fan. If your existing heating and air conditioning system doesn’t take advantage of thenumerous comfort and energy savings provided by a variable speed fan, give us a call to schedule variable speed fan installation.

When considering theinstallation of a humidifier in your home, give our dedicated professionals acall. Our certified technicians willprovide installation, repair of an existing one, or perform maintenance on yourcurrent humidifer.

If you would like a healthier home, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professionals for the whole house humidifier installation you need to maintain yourcomfort. For repair, service, maintenance, or installation of heating and air conditioning, scheduleservice today. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are amember of the BBB with an A+ rating.