Whole House Humidifiers | Reducing Static Electricity

Whole House Humidifiers | Reducing Static Electricity

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Eliminating Static Electricity in Your Home

If static electricity is a problem in your home during the winter months it is related to the homes heating system and the lack of humidity. Winter heating dries out the indoor air creating the perfect conditions for static electricity. We have all experienced the snap and shock of static electricity, and seen hair flying around our heads like a scene from a sci-fi movie. Those with very fine hair seem to be especially vulnerable to fly-away hair when the humidity is low, but static electricity affects all of us at some time.

The most effective means of defeating the dry air of winter heating and eliminating static electricity in your homeis utilizing the benefits of a humidifier. There are a multitude of humidifiers available and the most economical solution is a portable humidifier. The draw back to a portable humidifier is it is effective only in a small area and may not provide the amount of humidity you need, especially in untreated areas of the home.

An alternative is to have a whole house humidifier installed in your home in conjunction with your heating system. A whole house humidifier treats all of the air in your home, adding the needed amount of humidity to eliminate static electricity and to provide the healthy environment your family and furnishings require.

Whole House HumidifiersWhole house humidifiers have a humidistat for controlling the humidity level in the home. As temperatures drop the humidity level should also be decreased, being aware of the outdoor temperature and the recommended humidistat settings will provide the best control of static electricity in your home. Let’s look at further benefits to installing a whole house humidifier in the following.

  • As innocuous as it seems were you aware that static electricity discharges can cause damage? Electronics such as computers are especially vulnerable to the static zaps that can occur when you touch them.
  • Dry air can cause wood, furnishings and moldings to crack while increasing humidity can prevent dry airs damaging effects.
  • A whole house humidifier not only benefits your home by eliminating static electricity but also makes your home feel warmer at a lower temperature. A humidifier can save you on energy costs. For each degree you lower the thermostat in the winter you can save on average about 4%.
  • Dry air can cause sore throats, dry itchy skin and dry out the nasal passages causing the potential for illness to increase due to dry mucous membranes, and can also worsen asthma and allergies. Humidification can help to prevent illness because some bacteria have a hard time surviving in a humidified environment.

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