Why You Need <strong>Emergency AC Repair Service</strong> For Some Furnace Problems | <strong>Cypress, TX</strong>

Why You Need Emergency AC Repair Service For Some Furnace Problems | Cypress, TX

If maintained properly, a gas furnace can serve your Cypress, TX home for almost 20 years and ensure your family has the required comfort. However, certain gas furnace problems will need an emergency AC repair service as they could turn dangerous if you ignore them. Fortunately, most of these furnace issues can be averted by routine maintenance. Below are some furnace problems that could quickly turn dangerous:

Damaged or Blocked Exhaust Flue

The exhaust flue can be considered as the chimney for your furnace. It is also commonly called a furnace exhaust stack. The exhaust fumes such as CO (carbon monoxide) produced by the furnace travel via the exhaust flue to the outdoors; that is when all things are working as they should. Unfortunately, several issues can make this metallic tube be blocked or damaged. Furnace flues might crack because of corrosion.

The damper that prevents the noxious and exhaust air gases from flowing back into your furnace could also suffer damage. Have you noticed either of the problems above on your furnace? You should call an emergency AC repair service provider to have it fixed. Besides the above causes, your furnace may also have a blockage when the pests enter the unprotected flues. For instance, birds and rodents might stuff leaves, debris, and branches inside the flue when making nests. At worse, they might die, or their eggs rot inside the furnace flue. Their remains will cause the blockage. Regardless of the cause, you should have an AC repair service provider come for an inspection and fix the problem.

Considering all this information, you can only come to one conclusion: a furnace flue has a pivotal role in the functioning of the system and the safety of your home. It also is critical for the enhanced IAQ. If the flue is blocked, the furnace starts short cycling. Unfortunately, a broken and blocked furnace flue also can circulate carbon monoxide and other noxious exhaust gases into your home. A huge concentration of these exhaust fumes in the furnace could result in an explosion or fire hazard. Hence, you must have the furnace immediately fixed by an emergency AC repair service provider when you notice that the flue is blocked or damaged.

Malfunctioning Thermocouple

Although a thermocouple may sound like a name from the most recent Star Wars film, it is an essential safety device in gas furnaces. The thermocouple can perform these two tasks while it’s operating properly:

  • Determining if the pilot light on the furnace is on
  • Turn the gas line off of the pilot light goes out unexpectedly and suddenly

If you notice that the pilot light is not lit, you should turn off the gas to prevent it from building up, then call an emergency AC repair service provider. In essence, the thermocouple’s role is to perform this. Gas will begin to build up if the thermocouple malfunctions and the pilot light suddenly goes out because there won’t be anything to turn it off or burn. This gas can blow up if given too much room to build up. If you’re at home when it happens, you may start smelling the gas. Unfortunately, the gas may have been building up for a while if you’re at work or away on vacation. Have you noticed that the pilot light in your furnace doesn’t light up even when you turn on the gas supply? You should immediately reach out to your emergency AC repair service provider to inspect the furnace and perform the required repairs.

Cracked or Corroded Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger’s function is pretty much as the name sounds. It heats the air in the furnace. A heat exchanger is made of a set of tubes or coils that may be of various shapes depending on the furnace model and fuel type. The fuel is combusted inside this furnace component, meaning it becomes extremely hot at one point. The heated air is transferred or blown into your home in Cypress, TX. The blower motor is responsible for distributing the warm air through the air ducts into your home. Since it becomes too hot, an emergency AC repair service provider should immediately fix any heat exchanger problem.

Times, improper venting may result in the corrosion of the heat exchanger. Corrosion may also arise because the furnace heat exchanger is too old. Unfortunately, the corrosion will lead to cracks developing in the heat exchanger. A heat exchanger crack can allow carbon monoxide (CO) exhaust gas to escape, which is hazardous for several reasons. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is exceedingly flammable in addition to being toxic.

Furthermore, it does not include mercaptan, which is added to natural gas to give it an unpleasant odor. Carbon monoxide cannot be distinguished by color or smell. Thus it might accumulate undetected. Hence, an emergency AC repair service provider should immediately inspect and fix a cracked heat exchanger.

How Can You Prevent Furnace Problems?

HVAC Maintenance

It is often said that air conditioning service is the best form of preventing furnace issues. A qualified emergency AC repair service in Cypress, TX can inspect your system for problems because they are trained to recognize their warning indications. Your HVAC system should be checked, maintained, and cleaned at least twice a year. You should check your furnace in the fall and your air conditioner in the spring. After all, nobody wants their heater to quit in the mid-winter or their air conditioner to stop functioning mid-summer.

Place a Vent Screen Over the Furnace Flue

The screen lets exhaust and fumes escape but keeps rats and birds out. Installing a fine-mesh screen may block winter ice. Gas furnace repairs are difficult and dangerous. For flammable gas issues, hire an emergency AC repair service provider.

Do you think your furnace shows signs of damage, such as a cracked heat exchanger? Contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

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