Why You Should Always Call an Air Conditioning Service in Katy, TX for a Gas Furnace Inspection

Why You Should Always Call an Air Conditioning Service in Katy, TX for a Gas Furnace Inspection

If you forget to call an air conditioning service provider in Katy, TX for an annual gas furnace inspection, you can run into problems. You should never skip a gas furnace inspection, but put it on your agenda of things to do each year. By skipping it, you are only giving fuel to the fire.

This means that small problems, which a professional could have uncovered during a routine inspection, would not have had a chance to become bigger. For instance, when you leave a sliced apple outside for several days, it begins to turn brown and rot. If you had eaten the apple, you would not have had to buy a new one to replace it.

Your gas furnace is the apple in this scenario. You need to get it checked out each year by contacting a professional and experienced HVAC technician for air conditioning service in Katy, TX. Just imagine your gas furnace giving up on you during winters. Since you would rather avoid fathoming such a scenario, it is better to go for a gas furnace inspection. If you do not, here is what you will encounter:

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

Both the furnace and its ductwork collect dust and debris. When your heating and cooling system generates air, it brings dust and debris into your home. You can breathe in the dust and debris, which can lead to illnesses such as respiratory issues. For this reason, you need to clean the ducts of the heating and cooling system after every few years and clean the gas furnace each year. For furnace and ductwork cleaning, you can get in touch with a professional air conditioning service provider in Katy, TX.

  • Incorrect Readings on the Thermostat

You need to inspect your thermostat to find out if it is reading the indoor temperatures correctly. If the thermostat is not reading the indoor temperatures, you might need to change the location of the thermostat. It may be a computer error, or you may need to reset it. The longer you forgo calling an air conditioning company in Katy, TX to check the calibration between the gas furnace and thermostat, the higher your electricity bills will be. Therefore, it is important that you contact a professional HVAV technician to resolve the issue.

  • Complete Malfunction

If you have gone several years without contacting air conditioning service in Katy, TX for a routine inspection of your gas furnace, there is a chance you will find yourself buying a new one. To avoid a complete breakdown of your gas furnace, you need to get it inspected in early fall in the event the HVAC technician uncovers parts that need to be either replaced or repaired.

Now that you know the consequences of not having your gas furnace inspected on a routine basis, you need to know the importance of having your furnace maintained.

Why Routine Gas Furnace Inspection is So Important

Here is why a routine gas furnace inspection is so important:

  • You risk the safety and integrity of your home if you do not contact air conditioning service in Katy, TX for a routine gas furnace inspection,
  • Hot water can leak from the boilers, resulting in excessive and costly damage.
  • Clogged or dirty air filters, burners, and pilot lights can decrease the performance of your gas furnace and may cause it to stop working altogether.
  • Clogged or dirty air filters will result in higher electricity bills.
  • In the event your gas furnace malfunctions and breaks down, it could lead to frozen pipes,
  • If you do not follow the manufacturer’s recommended routine gas furnace inspection, it could void warranty.

If you want to ensure everyone in your house is safe and sound, you need to ensure your furnace works properly, especially if it runs on gas. Neglected gas furnaces can pose a danger for you and your family.

By calling for air conditioning service in Katy, TX, professional technicians can remove buildup causing your gas furnace to overwork and eventually, malfunction. Moreover, the HVAC technician also looks at the cracked heat exchanger and for carbon monoxide leaks. When you contact air conditioning service in Katy, TX for a routine gas furnace inspection, they will send their HVAC technician over to look at it.

What Do HVAC Technicians Check During a Routine Gas Furnace Inspection?

Measure and analyze the combustion to ensure it follows the guidelines set by the manufacturer:

  • Inspect the pilot light, burners, flame sensors, and hot-surface ignitors
  • Inspect, clean, or replace the air filters
  • Clean out the intake grills
  • Inspect and clean the blower motor
  • Inspect for possible blockage and air flow throughout the ventilation system

You should not delay getting in touch with a HVAC company for routine gas furnace, but call for air conditioning service in Katy, TX each year. It is important that you stay on top of this and remind yourself that you need to get your gas furnace checked out by a professional and experienced HVAC technician. Another cost savings benefit you will get by getting a routine gas furnace inspection is that it will reduce the chance of repairs. Since the HVAC technician would have caught it early, it will save you money in repairs.

You Should Not Delay Gas Furnace Maintenance Any Longer

By contacting a HVAC technician for gas furnace maintenance, you are increasing the lifespan of your gas furnace. With the average lifespan of a gas furnace being 15 to 20 years without routine maintenance, but with frequent repairs and replacement of parts, you can extend it to more than 25 years with routine maintenance. If it has been a while since you last called for routine gas furnace, know that it is never too late to call for one now.

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