Why Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Requires Regular Maintenance | Cypress, TX

Why Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Requires Regular Maintenance | Cypress, TX

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Your HVAC system is a substantial investment. As with any other piece of mechanical equipment, it too requires proper maintenance. Many homeowners in the Cypress, TX area invest in an HVAC but fail to keep proper upkeep. There can be many benefits to investing in regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system. These include, cost effectiveness, cleaner air and an overall more comfortable home. Let’s look at all the reasons it’s important to invest in HVAC maintenance.

Cost Savings

Saving money is one of the main reasons you should maintain your heating and air conditioning system. Regular HVAC maintenance is estimated to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by 95%. An HVAC unit that runs efficiently, together with a properly insulated home reduces electricity bills considerably.

Preventative maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system help ensure that your system runs at or close to peak efficiency. This means lower energy bills for you. In fact, according to the US Department of Energy, you can save up to 30% of your energy bill if you invest in your system’s regular maintenance.

Moreover, regular maintenance of your system also increases its life and reduces the need for costly system replacements every few years. The key is to take care of your system. Investing in system maintenance once every year is far wiser than having to pay for an entire system replacement a few years down the line, only because you couldn’t care enough for it.

Moreover, let’s say you purchased your system one year ago but it is still covered under a warranty. Let’s say your system is in need of some sort of repair. Most HVAC manufacturers ask for proof of annual maintenance when a repair claim is submitted.  Some of the components that make your HVAC system work are quite expensive, so why not invest in annual maintenance and let the company pay your expensive repair bills?

Improved Air Quality

A properly maintained heating and air conditioning system will not only keep your home warm or cool, but will also prevent problems with air quality.

The US Environmental Protection agency (EPA) reports that indoor levels of airborne pollutants may be up to 2-5 times higher (in some cases even 100 times higher) than outdoor levels. This is particularly relevant if you or any of your family members suffers from a respiratory disorder such as asthma. An unmaintained HVAC system acts as a breeding ground for all sorts of pollutants. These include dust, mold and bacteria.

Although we may not always be aware of it, we spend most of our days breathing in substances that we would much rather not breathe. In addition to household dust, these include pet dander, cigarette smoke, pollen and mold.

An HVAC system that is not regularly maintained can make these problems so much worse. For example if people at your home already suffer from allergies or asthma, an HVAC system with clogged or dirty air ducts is likely to make any such problem much worse. Preventative measures on the other hand help ensure that the warm or cold air pumping through your vents is as clean and well-filtered as possible.

Home Safety

Not only does regular HVAC maintenance ensure that the air you breathe in is safe, it also protects your home from more serious hazards. As a homeowner in the Cypress, TX area, you may have heard horror stories of how a couple went away on vacation and returned to a severely damaged home.

This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, if your heating and air conditioning system malfunctions and the heat stops working in extremely cold weather, the pipes in your home can burst because of the cold which can ruin the state of your home sanitation among other things. The cost of repairs in this situation can be extremely high.

If you paid for annual maintenance of your system, all of this could have been avoided. Furthermore, your HVAC system can also help protect your family from carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas whose effects can be deadly.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, even exposure to the slightest levels of carbon monoxide can pose serious health risks.

A malfunctioning HVAC system is the number one cause of a carbon monoxide leak. An annual HVAC maintenance check would typically also check for any carbon monoxide leak. So by investing in this yearly maintenance, you are protecting your family members from deadly health hazards.

The nearest HVAC professional can further elaborate the importance of this carbon monoxide testing.

Help the Environment

For those of you concerned about the world we live in, keep in mind that a regularly maintained HVAC system is also better for the planet. This is because a well-maintained HVAC system requires a lesser amount of fuel, automatically making it better for the planet.

As a homeowner, you may also be concerned with what type of refrigerant is being used in your heating and air conditioning system and whether or not it is harmful for the environment.

Generally speaking, HVAC service companies in the Cypress, TX area, and elsewhere in the United States are required to have EPA Section 608 certification.

For all of these reasons, annual maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system is important. A well-maintained system is likely to have fewer serious problems, meaning less hassle and fewer unnecessary costs for you. Investing in a preventative maintenance plan also gives you a sense of satisfaction and mental peace in knowing that you tried to keep your system running and functioning smoothly.

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