Your Air Conditioner Needs Your Attention More Than You Think | Air Conditioner Repair Services in Katy

Your Air Conditioner Needs Your Attention More Than You Think | Air Conditioner Repair Services in Katy

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Your air conditioner determines the quality of air inside your home and when the temperature goes up, it is next to impossible to imagine a life without an air conditioner. However, it may come as a surprise, to you but your AC is one of the most demanding appliances in the house that require regular maintenance.

Many of you might not have thought about it all year long, but now is the time. The ones living in Katy know how much air conditioning they will need shortly. As summers are approaching, we need to get ourselves prepped so that we are not left toasted in the scorching heat.

Summers can be a good time to hang out in the sun. But at the same time, it makes indoors warmer and sometimes more suffocating. If you have ever had the same feeling, you know what you need, an air conditioner repair service in Katy at your house. Without air conditioners, you can’t hope to enjoy your summers fully.

This article tells you pretty much everything about air conditioner repair services in Katy that you will need before the summer sun reaches its full potential.

Give Your Air Conditioner Enough Maintenance

Before going for air conditioner repair service in Katy, make sure that you have given regular check-ups to your air conditioner. You can also hire professional help for maintenance services.

Tasks You Can Do Yourself:

  • Cleaning filters: The first and most essential maintenance task is cleaning the filters. You can do this cheap task yourself to improve the efficiency and cooling of your air conditioner. There are many tools that you can buy to clean the filters or replace them at an affordable cost. Filters ensure a normal airflow in the air conditioner which means the air is going in, passing through the filter and leaving the dust particles there, and then being released as cool air. A dirty or clogged filter would lower the energy consumption of the air conditioner by up to 15%. If the dust is able to bypass the filter without any filtration, it can directly impact the condenser and lead to serious problems. A filter needs to be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks.


  • Cleaning condensers and fins: Even after having a clean filter, dirt or particles can reach the air conditioner condenser coils and fins. Condenser coils trap the outside air, absorb the heat and turn it into cool air. Some coils can be cleaned while others need to be replaced. Fins are the flaps through which the cool air is released. Any dust remains on fins can prevent efficient flow of air. Clean flow of air makes your house hygienic as well as dust particles can be harmful to breathe in.


  • Efficient usage: Use your air conditioner efficiently. Efficient usage means you can’t leave your air conditioner turned on for long hours without giving it breaks. This would exhaust its capacity. The thermostat needs to be checked often as well to ensure it is not set too high or too low.

Tasks You Need Professional Help For:

  • Refilling gas: Air conditioners work on gas. When the gas runs out or leaks, the ac would stop cooling. For this, air conditioner repair services in Katy are needed. The task takes up to one day as the unit is brought down and then reinstalled.
  • Wiring: Electric wires of the ac can start messing up if they are old or exposed. Professional help is required for their maintenance. They know when to clean and tighten the connections and if there is a need to apply a non-conductive coating to avoid sparks or short circuits.

What Are the Signs You Need Repair?

The following signs mean you need to call the air conditioner repair services in Katy immediately:

  • Not enough cooling: If your air conditioner is not cooling enough even after the thermostat is set on a low temperature, you need to call for help.
  • Unusual noises: Sometimes air conditioners can make unnecessary or unusual sounds which may indicate a broken part or faulty filters/coils. This calls for air conditioner repair
  • Bad odor: This is another sign that your ac is suffering and needs professional attention.
  • Bill inefficiency: Sometimes air conditioners start taking in too much of electric energy which can be evident in electricity bills. If you feel your ac units are showing much more than your usage in the bill, your air conditioner needs repairing.

When You Need To Give Up On It

Not everything lasts forever. If the air conditioner repair fails to work, you know it is time to give up on it and buy a new one. A new one would require the same maintenance and this time you know what you have to do to treat it better.

A checklist will help you remember the ABCs of air conditioner maintenance for the future:

  1. Know and learn what the filters, condensers and fins are.
  2. Keep a check on the cooling and don’t ignore any unusual sounds or signs.
  3. Call the air conditioner repair services in Katy for maintenance before turning on the ac if it has been inoperative for more than 3 months.
  4. If the ac has been shut off for more than 3 months, remember to keep cleaning it regardless and to leave it covered with a plastic or cloth to prevent dust from piling up.

What You Need To Do Next

Once you have figured out whether your air conditioner needs maintenance, repair or you need to give up on it and buy a new one, you can go to the final step. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is the solution to all your problems. We are providing best air conditioner repair services in Katy with hundreds of satisfied customers.

We also offer air conditioner installation in case you want to buy a new one. With reasonable prices, we are able to reach customer loyalty and gain recognition in the market for more than 60 years.

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