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Zoned Heating & Air Conditioning

Zoned Heating and Cooling System | Heating and Air Conditioning

Zoned heating and air conditioning systems provide specific and individual temperatures for different areas and rooms of the home. For example, the air conditioning can be set to run in hotter areas of the home, and leave it off in cooler areas. If your home experiences differences in temperature, or you would like to reduce energy bills by adjusting the temperature for unoccupied areas, a zoned heating and air conditioning system could provide just the option you desire. A zoned heating and cooling system will provide you with individualized comfort and energy savings.

Conventional heating and air conditioning systems heat or air condition the entire house at the same time. Zoned systems provide the convenience of running the heat or air conditioning in one area of the home, without having to run it in another. Each zone has its own thermostat for a pre-selected temperature in each area.

An additional key feature of zone HVAC is they do not require a duct work system. These systems provide an option for additions to a home where ducts can’t be installed, for homes lacking a duct system that is not a candidate for duct installation, or for homeowners seeking an efficient means of heating and air conditioning their home. Programmable thermostats are compatible with a number Zoned Systems and provide an additional means to cut energy costs even further. An additional way to boost energy savings with a zoned heating and air conditioning system is to select a model with a variable speed blower. Variable speed blowers consume less electricity than standard blower motors, provide an upgrade in humidity control, and operate quieter.

Zoned heating and air conditioning systems operate from a single HVAC system. The system distributes air to the separate zones within a home through the operation of valves, which perform as a damper. Each damper regulates airflow to a specific zone. Zoned systems utilize multiple thermostats, one for each zone. The thermostats operate like any other. They are set to the desired temperature for each zone, and the system cuts on and off as dictated by the thermostat for that zone.

Zoned systems can provide for individual comfort. If one family member is uncomfortably cold when the air conditioning runs, and another is overly hot if it doesn’t, individual thermostats will allow them to set their personal zone thermostat for a comfortable temperature within their own zone, or even a room if set up that way.

Seldom used rooms can be regulated so they are not heated or air conditioned until conditioned air is required. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates homeowners can save up to 30% on energy costs by using zoned heating and air conditioning.

In Summary

  • Zoned systems do not consist of multiple air conditioning or heating units. A zoned system utilizes a single unit with dampers that distribute conditioned air through the designated areas of the home.
  • Each damper is responsible for controlling the airflow to a specific zone within the home according to its individual thermostat setting. Options in organizing zones include by section, floor or by room.
  • Zoned systems utilize several thermostats rather than just one. Each zone will have its own thermostat, and can be set to a different temperature than other zones.

When the air temperature exceeds or goes below the set temperatures, the HVAC system will run. The dampers responsible for a specific zone will generate airflow in that zone until the set temperature is reached, the dampers close when the set temperature is achieved, and the system shuts off.

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