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The team at Mr. Reliable always provides friendly and professional service. Great company, highly recommend!

-Brittany R
Air Conditioner Installation Tomball, TX
Air Conditioning Service Cypress, TX

Great quality and dedicated to service. They were timely and friendly with no hassle to me. Highly recommend. Be sure to ask for Joe.

-Samuel B
Air Conditioner Installation Tomball, TX
Air Conditioning Service Cypress, TX

These guys came out after we bought an older home, changed out our system that was no longer cooling and we haven’t had any problems since. The service windows are fair, not those Comcast 8-10hr windows. Very friendly techs.

-Leo A
Air Conditioner Installation Tomball, TX
Air Conditioning Service Cypress, TX

This team knocks it out of the park when it comes to customer service and reliability. Drew, the owner, takes his own time and gets involved on your call if you have any concerns at all. But both Joes and Jake are so intent on getting the job done right and are so sociable that I had felt like I’m not just another customer. Thankful to have found them.

-Jon S
Heating and AC Repair Service The Woodlands, TX

Mr. Reliable

Your Houston Area HVAC Company

At Mr. Reliable Heating and Air, we pride ourselves on being the trusted heating and AC company for Houston, TX, and the surrounding communities. Our team of skilled, experienced technicians can help you and your family with any and every heating and air conditioning service, including consultations and installations, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs, and replacements.

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AC Service You Can Rely On

At Mr. Reliable Heating and Air, we have highly trained and licensed experts who can perform essential air conditioning services and keep your family comfortable during the long, hot Texas summers. Your satisfaction is our priority. So, if you are facing any issue with your HVAC system and need air conditioner services, call us

Top Heating Service in Houston, TX

Heating Service You Can Rely On

Our team at Mr. Reliable Heating and Air employs technicians who are experienced in all these types of heating systems. You can rest assured you will receive high-quality, thorough service for your heating system maintenance, repair, replacement, or installation.

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable and safe environment in your home, you need a service provider who’s as trustworthy as they come. That’s why Katy and Cypress locals alike turn to Mr. Reliable – the name says it all.

Mr. Reliable is not just another name among the multitude of Cypress air conditioner companies. We specialize in comprehensive services, from furnace repair in Katy to Cypress AC repairs and more. Our reputation as one of the leading Cypress AC companies near you is cemented in our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Is your furnace acting up in the middle of a cold winter night? Don’t worry, our Katy heater repair and furnace repair Cypress teams are always ready to come to your rescue. We understand the crucial role that heating plays in your home, especially during the frigid winter months, and we’re committed to restoring your comfort in the shortest time possible.

When the summer heat becomes unbearable, and your air conditioning unit starts faltering, remember that heat and air repair near you is just a call away. As experts in air conditioning systems, we’ll diagnose and fix the problem efficiently, ensuring you can get back to a cool and comfortable home environment.

But our services don’t stop at heating and cooling. We believe in the importance of indoor air quality for your overall health and well-being. Poor air quality can lead to numerous health issues, including allergies and respiratory problems. To combat this, Mr. Reliable provides top-tier air quality services. We inspect and clean your air conditioning system, ensuring it’s not just cooling your home, but also contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

In the end, when you’re in need of a reliable partner to manage your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs, look no further than Mr. Reliable. Our name isn’t just a moniker—it’s a promise of quality service that you can count on.