Air Filters & Purifiers

Maintaining and caring for your home is crucial for ensuring the health and wellbeing of you and your family. This sentiment includes making sure that your air quality is at peak performance. There are various categories of air filters and purifiers that can meet the requirements of your home. If you are in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas, we can walk you through which filter and air purifier are right for you. The most common air filters used in the home or business are fiberglass, polyester, and washable air filters.

When testing your air quality, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers or ASHRAE has an efficiency rating system. The minimum reporting value or MERV implements a measure of 1 through 16. The scale measures the efficiency of an air filter from low to high, with a low score being inefficient and a high score being extremely efficient. It is important to understand MERV when you’re in need of replacement filters or are considering a new type altogether.

When researching air filters, you must look at the pros and cons of each type.

Fiberglass Air Filters

Fiberglass air filters capture substantial debris so that your HVAC systems can run efficiently. Fiberglass filters are low in cost but may end up costing you more in the long run. Although they are easily replaceable, they have a low rating. ASHRAE has given fiberglass filters a MERV rating from 1 to 4.

Polyester Air Filters

Polyester air filters are useful in both home and business applications. They are the same thing as pleated air filters. The cost can be high for these filters, but they have a longer use than other options. Polyester air filters can last up to 90 days. They are also extremely eco-friendly due to the fact that they are recyclable. Polyester air filters can help remove harmful allergens from your home or business. These filters can trap irritants and still maintain constant airflow in heating and cooling systems. MERV ratings between 8 and 13 indicate that these air filters are extremely efficient, making polyester air filters one of the top choices for your home or business.

Washable Air Filters

Washable air filters are often used in residential and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, they are not efficient and have a MERV rating of 1 to 4. The concept may seem ideal and eco-friendly, but that is not the case. These filters are more hassle than help and need a lot of upkeep. Washable air filters are not made for catching small particles and usually end up clogged with debris. The residual moisture from the constant maintenance can breed fungus and bacteria leading to poor air quality and health risks. So, it’s extremely important to properly maintain washable air filters.

High-Efficiency Air Filters

These are the air filters that homeowners and business owners should invest in for the best results. They have a MERV rating from 14 to 16, meaning they are top of the line concerning air quality. HEPA filters and other high-efficiency filters come at a high cost, but they are worth it. Similar to polyester filters, they are pleated but mechanical and made with a stronger synthetic created to capture up to 99% of irritants. They are the highest-rated filter to improve air quality and are the best option when deciding on your filter of choice for your home. If you are curious about the best options for air filters in Houston, TX, we can help you make the right decision.

Choosing Air Purifiers

Have you been searching for an air purifier that will meet your needs in Houston, TX? Mr. Reliable Heating & Air can help you with our expertise in indoor air quality services. Whether it be for residential or commercial use, we can assist you in improving your air quality by selecting the right filters and air purifiers for your space. There are several different types of air purifiers. Some are for the whole home, and others are standalone and meant for a single space.

There are two subtypes of air purifiers, active and passive. An active air purifier uses negatively charged ions released into the air to keep pollutants on surfaces. Meanwhile, a passive air purifier uses air filters to capture harmful particles and remove them for good. Consider a whole-house air purifier for your home or business because of the efficiency for removing allergens and contaminants from the entire building. This type of air purifier uses your heating and cooling system to execute this process. Your air purifier, whether it’s a whole house or standalone model, should always have a high-caliber air filter. The search for the right filters and purifiers can be confusing. But you can rely on us here at Mr. Reliable to aid you in all your indoor air quality needs.

Our Indoor Air Quality Services

Mr. Reliable has technicians that can tackle a variety of issues that may come up concerning your indoor air quality. We stay up to date with the trends and changing technology within the field to ensure a job well done. Every call and consultation is performed with the highest of standards and in the safest manner. We do our best so that you can rely on us. The indoor air quality services we offer are the following:

  • Residential AC Repair
  • Commercial AC Repair
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Indoor Air Quality Issues
  • Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance
  • Air Filtration & Purification
  • Dust & Allergy Solutions
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If you notice an issue with your air filters or your air purifier and need a professional opinion, give us a call at [rpdp-phone-link]. We can schedule a consultation to help improve the air quality of your home or business.

The summer heat is unbearable, but you rely on your air conditioning unit to keep things cool. When the device breaks down during this season of high temperatures and humidity, it can be uncomfortable for everyone in the house, including pets. Mr. Reliable Heating and Air knows that having a reliable resource for air conditioning services is essential for your home’s comfort and the well-being of family members.

When you need repairs or maintenance services on an AC unit to keep it running in its best possible condition, our company handles the issue and continues working until we receive your complete satisfaction. Mr. Reliable Heating and Air provides comprehensive installation, repair, and maintenance work that ensures optimal performance without further issues.