Duct Systems

Duct systems carry air throughout a house or building. Ductwork enables the HVAC system to pump out hot and cold air into different parts of the building. Duct systems are not only used for distributing air inside and out but also improve ventilation and indoor air quality.

If you are constructing a new residential or commercial building for your business, then you need to be aware of its HVAC system and type. Knowing everything about it will help you to maintain the system in its top condition. So, when you install a new central heating and air unit within the building, the design of the system must be made according to the layout to take maximum advantage of it. If the ductwork is not installed correctly, it can reduce the efficiency and efficacy of the system by 40%.

So, it is highly recommended to hire our HVAC technicians, who are licensed and trained to do the work, for custom ductwork service. Our company is composed of professionally trained and certified technicians. They will not only ensure the installation of the system according to the layout, but they will install the ductwork properly, so you gain the best efficiency from the system.

Another important thing is that all the buildings are not built with the same structure or material. The installation of pre-manufactured ductwork can also reduce its efficiency. The size of the building and other factors may have a negative impact on the performance of the system. So, you need a team that can mitigate the risks and make the needed adjustments. Moreover, the ductwork should have a perfectly balanced supply and return of airflow to maintain the household pressure.

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Importance of Maintenance

The ductwork also decreases air temperature gains and losses. Aside from all of the maintenance factors, it is also important to maintain a clean and clear duct system. Because good air duct cleaning is crucial to improving air quality, our pros will handle the installation and maintenance of duct systems in your home or business.

Getting to Know Duct Systems

Ducts are basically the channels that carry air from the air conditioning unit throughout the building. Also responsible for eliminating warm or stale air. Ducts that contain central air conditioning can also provide a function of filtering and heating. Air ducts are used for distributing cooled or heated air throughout the rooms inside your house or building. The HVAC system is of no use without air ducts. There are various ductworks available that you can use either in a commercial or residential building. It’s not necessary to know about every duct system in the market, and you can always ask your HVAC technician from Mr. Reliable Heating and Air. However, it can be helpful if you know what’s available.

Different Types of Duct Systems

There are different types of materials used in duct systems, as follows.

Fabric Ducting

Fabric ducting is also considered a distribution device for conditioned air. Fabric ducts are made from polyester material that provides more transformation of cooled air in an area rather than other conventional duct systems. It is suitable for both cooling and heating systems because this type of ducting is well insulated.

Flexible Ducting

This type of duct is tube-shaped, covered with a metal wire coil, and made of durable plastic. Flexible ductwork is best when it is used to attach air supply outlets to rigid ductwork. Flex ducts are commonly used in both new and old construction.

Fiberglass Lined Ducts

These ducts are also sheet metal ducts, and they have one difference. They contain internal fiberglass lining. It is more common in offices and homes because it helps to dampen the sound of the air conditioner’s unit.


Ductwork made up of aluminum is lightweight and adaptable. It is also a very popular duct material in the market. With its lightweight design, it can be quickly installed since aluminum is simple to cut and shape with its adaptability where custom shapes are required—often used for cleanroom facilities and dedicated exhaust systems.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is one of the most common duct materials that is used in homes and businesses with central heating and air systems. This type of ducting comes with a zinc coating that helps to prevent rust. Moreover, steel ducting expands and contracts as it heats and cools.

Phenolic and Polyurethane Air Duct

This type of ducting is also known as pre-insulated air ducts. Contrary to galvanized and aluminum ductwork, it does not require extra insulation. The pre-insulated ductwork can be installed in one step.

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