Heating Installation

Heating installation can often be a daunting and frustrating ordeal. With Mr. Reliable Heating and Air, you can be certain you will experience an easy and effortless process from start to finish. Our team of certified technicians will be happy to guide you from your initial consultation, through the installation process, to a careful explanation of the use and maintenance of your new system. We will always treat you as our own family, ensuring that you understand which system will suit your needs best, how we will install your system, how long it will take to install, and how much it will cost upfront.

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Our Team

Mr. Reliable Heating and Air in Houston, TX, is a team of certified and trained technicians who have extensive experience and a pristine track record in multiple types of heating installation. We are committed to providing thorough consultations. We can help you find a heating system that will work the best for your house size and layout, ease of care and use, and budget. We are also dedicated to providing honest and fair pricing for our high-quality parts and skilled labor service. Additionally, we can provide routine maintenance and repair services for your heating system down the line.

We serve all of Houston, TX, and the surrounding area. Give us a call today to get started discussing your new heating installation!

Advantages of a Professional Installation

Calling our professional heating installation company, Mr. Reliable Heating and Air, in Houston, TX, is the best way to ensure all your installation needs are met. We believe in providing careful, thorough work so you and your family can feel safe and secure in your home. With our heating installation services, you can count on:

  • Skilled Installation: Mr. Reliable Heating and Air is unwavering in our dedication to providing flawless heating installation. Our expert specialists and technicians are trained to confirm every part of the system is functioning correctly and efficiently. Our quality installation will certify that your system will not need unnecessary repairs or replacements.
  • Safety: Proper installation is important for the safety of you and your family. HVAC systems require large amounts of energy, coming from natural gas, propane, oil, coal, wood, electricity, or geothermal sources. There is always a risk factor for those installing the equipment, but the risk is further increased for individuals who are inexperienced and untrained in handling electricity and the necessary equipment. Also, an improperly installed part can lead to dangerous consequences. So, let’s leave it up to the pros.
  • Reliable Service: Since our technicians have exceptional training and experience, and up-to-date certifications, you can expect to receive service that you can count on. We will not only install your new heating system, but we will also provide the routine maintenance and repairs necessary to keep your system in top performance.
  • Long System Lifespan: Faulty installation can lead to constant system malfunctions and complete system failure. Additionally, your heating system will not run efficiently, leading to uneven heating and higher energy costs. On the other hand, an installation with Mr. Reliable Heating and Air means you will get the longest lifespan possible out of your system.


  • Consultation: Once you have contacted our team, we will send a specialist to inspect your home. The specialist will be able to look over your current heating system and suggest alternative systems or upgraded systems depending on your preferences. If you are installing a system in a new house, we will discuss your home layout, your heating needs, your ideal heating sources, and your budget. We will provide you with a thorough estimate detailing your options and their corresponding estimates.
  • Detailed Estimate: We will provide you with a detailed estimate such that you will never need to deal with hidden costs, unexpected labor, or additional equipment. Our estimates of your installation project include everything you will need to know, including an honest price.
  • Labor: After all has been approved, we look forward to completing your heating installation in a reasonable amount of time. The timeframe will depend on many factors, including the size and layout of your home, the type of heating system, the complexity of the heating system, and which components have already been set up (such as air ducts).
  • Clean-Up: We will throw out any unused materials. You will never need to hire an additional cleaning company.
  • Demonstration: Once your new heating system has been installed, our friendly technicians will make sure you understand exactly how to use your heating, how to save on energy costs, how to spot problems, and how often your system should be maintained. Of course, we will answer any outstanding questions or concerns you may have.
  • Follow-Up Maintenance and Repairs: Our team is always available for follow-ups with routine maintenance and repair. We will keep your heating system running efficiently, and we will be able to detect any minor problems by performing regular maintenance on your system. The general rule of thumb is to schedule your maintenance once per year, although you may prefer to plan an additional check-up during the winter season.

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